The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning



Thursday, 15th July, 2010


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Welcome and Official Opening

Melissa Highton, Head of the Learning Technologies Group, OUCS at University of Oxford, UK


Opening Keynote:

Implementing a Constructionist Approach to Collaboration through a
'Learning Design Support Environment': balancing user' requirements with
researcher's theory-informed aspirations.

Professor Diana Laurillard & Dr Liz Masterman

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Morning Tea – Reception Area

HE Strand 1

Breakout Room 1

LAMS Strand

Breakout Room 2

HE Strand 2

Breakout Room 3


Comparing instructors’ approaches to course design across Europe

[Abstract] | [Slides]

Susanne Neumann,
Petra Oberhuemer &
Michael Derntl


Designing personalization in LAMS

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Muesser Cemal Nat, Liz Bacon,
Simon Walker &
Mohammad Dastba

Investigations into using Cloudworks as a pedagogical wrapper

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Rebecca Galley,
Grainne Conole,
James Dalziel &
Ernie Ghiglione




Learning to teach online


Karin Watson & Simon McIntyre


Analysing cultural diversity in teaching based on LAMS sequence libraries


Stefan Iske

Theoretical Approach to Distillation of Pedagogical Patterns from Practice to Enable Transfer and Reuse of Good Teaching

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Dejan Liubojevic &
Diana Laurillard


A user-oriented approach to encouraging the adoption of technology amongst academics

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Jill Fresen

Adding Intelligence to LAMS: The I-AGENT Project


Timothy Read,
Lourdes Pomposo &
Covadonga Rodrigo

Sharing and co-editing learning design solutions


Davinia Hernánez-Leo, Miguel A. Carralero, Jonathan Chacón,
Mar Pérez-Sanagustín,
Mar Carrió & Josep Blat



HE Strand 1

Breakout Room 1

LAMS Strand

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Schools Strand

Breakout Room 3


Open Oxford: How open source, open content and open design support learning technology strategies

[Abstract] | [Audio]

Melissa Highton

The role of context free collaboration design patterns in learning design within LAMS

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Maria Kordaki

A Macquarie ICT Innovation Centre Project

[Abstract] [Video]

Leanne Cameron &
Debbie Evans


OpenSpires: sharing Oxford’s open content

[Abstract] | [Slides] | [Audio]

Lisa Mansell &
Ylva Berglund Prytz

Pilot evaluation of LAMS Q&A CS-Wizard for the improvement of lesson plans and learning design

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Spyros Papadakis,
Maria Kordaki &
Ernie Ghiglione

Students as designers

[Abstract] [Video]

Concetta Gotlieb



Putting the SOLE into Higher Education

[Abstract] | [Slides] | [Audio]

Simon Paul Atkinson

Encouraging thinking processes as a foundation of learning design within LAMS

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Maria Kordaki

Introducing Learning Design and LAMS to Pre-service Education Students

[Abstract] | [Paper]

Chris Campbell &
Leanne Cameron


Afternoon Tea – Reception Area


Implementing E-learning at the University of Nicosia: making it possible

[Abstract] | [Audio] | [Paper]

Chris Alexander

A summary of the tools and technologies being used in the JISC Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes


Sheila MacNeill

Using Learning Designs for Strategic Change for Educational Transformation

[Abstract] | [Slides] | [Paper]

Steve Warner


Closing Keynote

A differential model of effective advice for implementing learning designs

[Abstract] | [Audio] | [Slides] | [Paper]

Professor James Dalziel

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