The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning

Workshop - LAMS Beginners

Length of workshop



£125 for full day (includes catering)



Intended audience

This workshop is designed for teachers, instructors and students from any educational context, who have little or no practical experience with LAMS.

Maximum number of participants

15 participants

Workshop description and aims

The overall aim of the workshop is to provide a general overview of LAMS. We will also look at how the development of LAMS has evolved and how it is different from (but complementary to) other Learning Management Systems. There will be a brief introduction to the LAMS Community site and the resources that are offered.
The workshop will be highly practical with participants having ample opportunity to explore the Learner, Monitor and Authoring interfaces in LAMS. There will be a number of ready made sequences available for participants to look at and/or adapt.

Outcomes for participants

During the workshop participants will:

  • Examine the place of LAMS in e-learning;
  • Discuss learning and teaching issues and results from various trials;
  • Participate as a learner in an introductory LAMS sequence;
  • Author a sequence in LAMS;
  • Explore various existing sequences and discuss pedagogical approaches;
  • Explore the monitoring environment;
  • Evaluate LAMS as a tool for facilitating e-learning.


Familiarity with using the Internet, and basic computer skills. No prior experience with LAMS is necessary for this workshop.


Please email your interest in attending our workshop to:



6th - 8th December 2006, Sydney Australia